Friday, July 11, 2014

Couple small projects

Here are another couple of small projects I've done while waiting for glue or paint to dry on others.  The first are some webs.  I got the idea from the Web Template on The DM's Craft, but decided I wanted them to not be glued to a base, so I just used hot glue on parchment paper.  Once they had cooled, I was able to just peel them off the paper.  They are soft and bendy, so I will be able to just lay them over whatever tiles or objects I want.  One is 20' across the other is 25'. (1" scale).

The second is a small prison cage.  It could either be used as a trap where it comes down from the ceiling, or as a prison cage in a larger room.  After looking at the photos I took, I'm thinking I need to add a bit of dirt or rust to the cage to make it look less perfect.

I've been kind of up in the air the past few days trying to decide what I want to try next.  The purple worm video looks awesome, but the ruins or the village huts look fun as well.  I just need to decide and get to work on it (and quit watching crafting videos!)

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