Saturday, July 19, 2014

Columns and Wood Debris

Here are my latest projects.  The first are natural stone columns.  I have mixed feelings on these.  The paper towels I used (Bounty) had a pattern in them and it didn't go away when it got wet.  I fiddled around quite a bit trying to smooth them out and make them go away, but they just wouldn't.  I even tried some hot glue on the top of one to try and hide the pattern but I think that looked worse.  I then tried some super cheap Wal-Mart paper towels and while they look better, they were an absolute nightmare to try and use as they fell apart like toilet paper and I ended up spending quite a bit of time trying to salvage pieces to use on the columns.  In addition, I spent so much time trying to "fix" them that the paper tubes ended up getting really wet and a lot of the angled features disappeared as they dried.  If anyone has a good suggestion on paper towels, I would appreciate knowing what brand works best. Anyway, here at the pics of the columns.

While those were in different stages of drying, I decided to start another project.  I made a bunch of wood debris.  All in all I'm happy with how they turned out.  I took some of the advice on not piling the debris too high but I did want some of the boards to be jutting out at different angles so added a few pieces to some that stick up but there is still plenty of room for minis to stand on the piles if needed.

Last project was a quickie I did while waiting for the other two projects to dry.  It's a small section of Jagged rock I made out of a remnant aquarium piece I had left over after pulling the plants off it.

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