Sunday, July 28, 2013

I thought I would start out with a few photos of my setup (well, future set up).  First is my desk and where I plan to set up my painting area.

If you can see where the dice are, that's where I plan on setting up my paint station.   I'm still waiting on a few items I've ordered.

First is something to hold my paints.  After much research and thought, I ended up ordering a section of "The Rack" system.  It looks to be a pretty nice setup, and while I only have ordered one section currently, it's expandable so if decide to add to my paint collection as time goes on, it's easy to do.  Here is a photo of it:

If interested, you can find the system here: The Rack.

After much deliberation, I also ordered a Paint Booth.  I had mixed feelings on this and wasn't totally sure if it was something I needed, but two things made me decide to purchase it.  First, there has been some debate on boards discussing the reaper mini's as to if you should prime therm or not and I decided to prime them for my initial painting and see how that goes.  I purchased a can of the Armory Gray Primer which means I need to either spray outside or use a paint both.  And second, I live in Minnesota and with our cold winters, it will allow me to do my spray painting year around.  Here is a photo of the setup I purchased:

I picked this up on Amazon and it was fairly reasonable in price. You can find it here: Master Airbrush Paint Booth.

I also purchased some Testors Dullcote spray lacquer for sealing the mini's when I'm done.  I've heard conflicting stories about how well the paint stays on the mini's, so I thought I would give sealing them a try as well.  

Last but not least are the paint brushes.  I supported the Games & Gears Pro Studio Brushes Kickstarter and received my brushes a month or so ago, and will use them for all my painting.  

Well I think that's it for what my needed supplies are.  If you can think of something I'm missing, let me know.  My next step will be to decide if I want to try my hand at repairing some of the bent miniatures or if I should pick my first my first mini and start painting.

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