Sunday, February 7, 2016

3d Printed VIllage.

I pledged a KS a few months ago for buildings you can print out on a 3d printer.  I've been busy the last week or so printing them out and thought I would post my progress. It's photo heavy, so hang onto your seats.

The next step is to start painting them.

This last photo is my current work in progress.  It was too wide to fit on my printer, so I loaded up all the larger files in Meshmixer and cut them in half.  After the two sides have printed, I'll glue them together and then apply a bit of Liquitex Modeling paste to the seams and they will look just like the solid versions.

The War Tower


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  2. These are looking fantastic, Jason.

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  4. These are looking real good. What kind of print time is invested in each of these pieces? I just got my own 3d printer, any advice in printing these up? Please keep posting your progress in painting these up.

  5. Sorry for the slow reply. On average, I would say most of these take somewhere between 1 and 2 days to print. I usually set up the printer when I first get up, print another job later in the day, and a third before going to bed. I've gotten pretty good at picking items that I know I'll be around when they finish so I can pretty quickly get a new job on the printer. For the most part, these have all gone really smooth. Basically I "set it and forget it". I've been really lucky in that my printer (Printrbot Play) has had almost no problems. Other than priming, I haven't done any painting yet, and I really need to get to work on that. I've gotten quite a few pieces that I need to paint now.