Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Terrain Tiles Storage Solution

With Dwarven forge delivering it's second successful Kickstarter(KS) and Griffon Tamer about to deliver another giant load of Terrain Tiles to me, my current storage solution was proving to be inadequate.  I was at Costco the other day and they had a really nice toolbox on sale for what I considered a really reasonable price.  Thanks to an awesome wife, she gave me one for my early Christmas present.  Below are, first, a picture of my 4 old storage units.  They are stanly storage drawers, and while they worked good, they are about $120 bucks a piece and I would have easily needed another 3 or 4 just to store what I had and then I would have had to come up with something else for the larger pieces from Griffon Tamers KS when that delivered.

They look like they would have held a ton, and technically they do, but they weren't going to hold enough or solve my larger terrain pieces problem.  With the need to most likely drop another $400-500 bucks on these, a tool chest seemed a better solution.

Here is the toolchest I ended up getting.  The good thing is it easily holds all my stuff and there is still plenty of room left for expansion for Dwarven Forges KS3 coming down the road.

The only problem now is it's a bit bigger that I realized and it's kinda overwhelming the area I have it sitting.  I'm going to have to move some stuff around to get it situated better.

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